A Memory of Stars

The melting frost of night
entraps a star
within its universe,
a minuscule meniscus
that holds life
condensed from air,

whose warm caresses lifted it
from ocean depths,
redeemed from salty residues,
in feldspar caves

where crabs stalk sideways,
aslant from fear,
avoiding hidden vortices
that suck and blow
a rhythmic dance
on graves of conquistadors
dethroned; doublooned away
in shifting sand.

Clownfish and anemones
stand selfish guard, like misers,
protecting feeble glints of gold,
as lampreys slither through
the silent empty orbs,
In place of rotting flesh.

What impact made this sea;
this grave, awash with mariners
and vanished, murdered souls?

What vengeful god did seize,
and cast the catastrophic comet,
containing teratonnes of ice
to tilt our worldly axis,
making life –
a melt of tiny droplets
that hold a memory of stars,
from whence they came?

Minds were also made,
to thirst and reel
across the celluloid of life,
a passing dream,
a damp, pulsating fantasy
of dance within
a plasma skin of tension,
clinging, lest its star
should melt away,
returning home again.

The image, by NatureClip, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
Based on a work at http://natureclip.co.nr.

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